Olivers Trafikskole Theory  Driving Technology  In Danish, English, Romanian and Arabic
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Olivers Trafikskole

your personal Driving School

Olivers Trafikskole is without doubt the best school you can choose once you have made your decision to take a driving license. Theory instruction is the classical tablet entertainment. The advantage of this form of teaching is many:   Best academic benefit that will benefit you from the theory trial Attitude to becoming a good and considerate motorist Social and cozy community that allows each other to support each other throughout the course                We are not against technological advancement, but we are critical of it, which means that we do not leave teaching to something "cold" and "distant" as computer education easily can become.
License Std.Package in Danish KR. 15.000
License Std.Package in Arabic KR. 15.000
License Std.Package in Romanian KR. 18.000
Teaching in Romanian
Teaching in English
Teaching in Arabic